blue skies and sunshine

Finally, the weather has cheered up! Opening the curtains to a lovely, bright day had me almost weeping with relief. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but it was pretty awesome to see some sunshine and not have to worry about whether I was wearing enough layers that I wouldn't freeze! Everyone at Uni today seemed to be in a better mood due to the nice weather (although someone took it rather too far and wore denim shorts sans tights - there's always one Brit who gets a little too overexcited at the first hint of sunshine!) and I was pleased to be able to wear my new silk paperbag shorts, which I have been dying to try out for at least three weeks!

Anyway, the lovely weather inspired me to create a few outfits that I would like to wear in the summer - I know, I know, another Polyvore post, sorry! Here we go:

I can't wait to be able to go outside without a coat! It feels like this winter has lasted much longer than usual, so spring is most definitely welcome. I love the accessories I chose to go with these outfits, particularly the bird necklace and the floppy hat - not forgetting the gorgeous Miu Miu clogs! When I first heard that clogs were to be a trend this Spring/Summer, I was incredulous to say the least, but they really have grown on me.

Anyway, here's my outfit post for the day - it doesn't look particularly sunny, but it was!

These wedges are so comfortable - you get the height of a heel but without the pain! Good stuff. Anyway, I am off to bed as I'm up bright an early in the morning, so bye for now!

Blazer: Topshop, T-shirt: Topshop, Shorts: Warehouse, Wedges: ASOS


  1. No apologies for the Polyvore (that site is sooo addictive), it's great to see!
    I'm with you, I was a little bit shocked when clogs became fashionable, but they've really grown on me. Yet to try on a pair, but I can't wait to.
    p.s. summer has just ended here in Australia, and I already miss it! Enjoy the warmth for me! ;)

  2. omg loving your outfit and those wedges!

    To answer your question about my camera, I shoot with a Nikon D700 and use a 50mm when I shoot self portraits and make friends use the 70-200 when they photograph me! :)

  3. oooh love the sheer skirt with the striped tank!

  4. great outfits!!


  5. Ohhh, where is that yellow romper from? I absolutely love it!

  6. love the last look! very summer!
    and your wedges are amazing <3

  7. You look so cute! Thanks for posting these sweet spring outfits; you've given me inspiration for when it warms up here. :)


  8. Also, can you provide a link to some of the stuff you featured? I'd like to investigate that adorable nude bag a little further...

  9. I'm fucking crazzyyyy about your outfit. SO cute.
    I've been wanting literally the exact blazer and shorts you have forevver now! do you remember where you got the two?
    thanks so much for the comment :))

  10. very cute boots, and i agree comfort is the must...

  11. Thanks for the sweet comment! I really like your blog & your style. I see you love owls just like me :)

  12. This was such a great post, you have such fab style and I love all those shoes!

    Ugh - the weather has dragged on foreverrr, how nice were the few days of sunshine we had? But now they're gone again! Hopefully spring will make an appearance (and actually last) soon

    Thanks so much for stopping by darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  13. I keep meaning to make a polyvore. I love how you combined everything! especially that romper in the last photo (:

    love your blog, I'm going to follow it!

  14. such cute outfits!!


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