retail therapy

The weather is awful this week. We've had rain, snow, heavy wind and grey skies and I'm getting rather tired of it to say the least! I'm hoping and praying that it brightens up a little tomorrow, as I'm off to Birmingham for some much needed retail therapy. I was supposed to be going to York which, admittedly, I would have preferred because York is stunning with some really cute little boutiques - if you ever get the chance to go then you must! But for now, I will make do with what Birmingham has to offer and go and (hopefully) put a dent in my wages. I'm a bit of a online shopping fanatic so I've done a bit of reconnaissance to try and suss out what I'm after, and here are some things which I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for!
I would be happy just to get one or two of these bits tomorrow, as they're things I've wanted for a while. However, unless the weather picks up, I doubt I'll be wearing them for a while!

I went out for dinner with my boyfriend last night to Zizzi's and it rained the whole time, though it didn't spoil the night as the food was great and so was the atmosphere. Here are a few shots of my outfit:

I love my new boots! They came in the mail on Tuesday and I just got chance to wear them last night. They are so comfortable, I have a feeling I'm going to wear them everywhere. The top I have on is actually my uniform for work - I didn't want to fully change into new clothes, so just put jeans on with it and my favourite navy blazer, which looks more black than navy in these pictures!

That's all for now, but I'll update again tomorrow night. Bye!

Blazer: ASOS, Sweater: Viyella, Jeans: New Look, Boots: River Island


  1. I wish I could get all the pieces you picked out! Loving your boots! xoxoxoxo

  2. i love every single one of those pieces! Nice choices!

  3. Love the floral top up there and your outfit, too!

  4. i love those boots. they're real stunning :)

    hey girl, don't miss our accessory giveaway. win a fancy one of your choice from New York design.

    have a great weekend :)

  5. Love the harem pants from them!
    And cool shoes you have on.
    x fashionnerdic

  6. Nice blog : )

    I am a new follower! Check out mine too when you get a chance.

  7. These are adorable!! I'm crossing the pond to England (from new york city)and was wondering if there are any stores you could recommend. I;m just restarting my blog up but check it out! I love yours

  8. Love the skirt and the trousers in the collage, Your boots are very pretty and the whole ensemble is nice =)

  9. Those boots are seriously to die for!!

  10. Nice blog! I am a new follower.
    I hope the weather gets nicer..have fun shopping if you decide to go :)


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