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Hi there! I imagine most of you reading this right now are trying to remember when on earth you followed me and trying to recall my last post, right? Well, it has definitely been a while since I last reached out to you all! I'm not going to go into too much detail as to the who, whys and hows behind my absence as my reasons are quite personal, but in the time since I last posted, it's fair to say that my life has changed quite a bit. For starters, I graduated university!

Anyway, the long and short of it is that although I haven't really been around on my own blog as such, I've never stopped lurking in the background of the blogging world and reading everybody else's posts (in the most non-creepy way that you can lurk...). I finally decided to kick start my blog again a few weeks ago and, well, here I am!

I thought I'd keep this 're-introduction' post quite short and sweet anyway, so here are a couple of shots of what I wore out with a friend yesterday.

Quite a basic outfit really. Honestly, I'm not a great summer dresser: everything's always very simple because I get hot very easily, even in the British climate! I'd much rather the weather was cooler so I could cosy up in some nice knitwear and lots of layers! I'm a huge fan of plain basics like this white Cos t-shirt because you can just throw them on with anything. This New Look skirt was a bargain I picked up in the sale for about £10 - something I was really chuffed about since I'd considered buying it at full price about two weeks beforehand! I'm really into dip hems right now (I know, I know, who isn't?); I just think they add a bit of interest to an otherwise plain piece of clothing. I'm wearing these boots to death at the moment - they're another sale buy! I think I paid about £35 for them in the Topshop sale. They kind of remind me of the Allegra boots that everybody went crazy for a while back, but I love the fact that they come in grey - I don't know why, but I just feel like grey is much less harsh against my extremely pale skin tone!

So much for keeping this post short and sweet... I guess my ability to ramble has never changed! Catch you all soon. xo

T-shirt: Cos, Skirt: New Look, Boots: Topshop, Necklace: New Look, Backpack: Primark

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  1. congratulation for your blog, your taste, and your choices! wow!
    good, good, good work !
    would invite you to see mine, and if you want we could follow each other! what do you think?
    kiss kiss
    MIiriam stella

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