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So I've finally taken the plunge and decided to write a blog of my own, having created this account back in October and then ummed and ahhed over the whole concept. I figure while I'm finding my feet in the world of blogging, I'll post some of the things that have inspired me today. Nothing more interesting until I work out what exactly I'm doing, I'm afraid!

I realise that Alexa Chung and Mary-kate Olsen are not incredibly original choices in terms of style inspiration, as just about every blog I've read has featured them, however, surely that speaks volumes about their fashion sense? They both share the ability to throw anything on and look fabulous - neither one of them looks like they've ran a comb through their hair, let alone put any serious thought into their outfit, yet they still outshine many of us mere mortals in the style stakes! How unfair?

Anyhow, during my daily browse of all of my favourite stores' websites, I came across a few new gems which I hope to get my hands on soon! Here they are:
Nautical Alice & Olivia skirt - I love all things nautical at the moment, and have been looking for the perfect high waisted skirt to fit the bill - I think this might just be it!

Nude is a big trend this spring and I adore ruffled and romantic pieces like this one. I think what appeals about something like this is the ease of being able throw this on over almost anything with a loose blazer and you've got an outfit which can take you almost any place. I know I prefer the comfort factor of something like this compared to pouring myself into a pair of skinnies!

Tabbard stitch jumper - chunky knitwear is the ultimate cosy fashion choice, especially in this awful winter weather. Worn dressed down with shorts, tights and lace up ankle boots, I think this piece would make an otherwise dull outfit into something very stylish.

Call me a sucker for all things cream and lacy - I just love the freshness of it, and how simple the silhouette of this top is compared with the statement shoulders of last season.

Finally, just to introduce myself properly, here is the mandatory awkward 'hello' accompanied by a rather amateur shot of me, taken in a park near my apartment yesterday.

I have to admit that it was entirely the wrong weather to wear that outfit, and my hands were practically blue by the time my boyfriend and I reached our local shopping centre. The things we do for fashion! Anyway, that's all for now, though I'm sure I'll update again pretty soon.

Pictures from Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Net-a-porter,


  1. Alexa is great inspiration and she is simply adorable. Your outfit is very cute aswell

  2. i love the ruffled skirt too :)


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